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It’s South African Savage Wines VS Chateau De Beaucastel

Tonight’s wine comparison is a Duncan Savage “ Thief In The Night” 2017 red blend of Grenache , Syrah & Cinsault from Cape Town South Africa pairing with a 2016 Coudoulet De Beaucastel - Grenache, Mourvèdre ,Syrah & Cinsault Blend from Coudoulet - Cotes De Rhône many of us here are quite in love with at present. Being served with Beef Bourguignon... two French style wines with some lovely French food..oh yeah - and home made BACON! Oh and both wines are similarly priced... around $30 a bottle.

easily the bacon was the star of the night! It made both wines shine.

but apart from that the Beaucastel Coudoulet with the 30% Mourvèdre was classic, meaty and Delicious... whilst the Savage “ thief in the night has a clever name, beautiful label and great allure... it was lacking a little.. id say a solid 90 maybe 91 points... good, solid, value for money, a good buy... but not great... the tasting of the SAVAGE, the girl next door is coming soon.

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